guns + roses digital lookbook

I tried to pray, but it just won’t work. Is there a remedy to cure this hurt? Who’s wrong, who’s right? I can’t decide. I’m losing my mind.
— My mind, jai' eagle

It took me sometime to define what love is, but now that I know, I can operate in it...
— love you better, jai' eagle

I’ve already conquered fear, that’s the reason I’m here. I am not scared of the lions, the tigers, the bears...”
— Lions, Tigers, Bears; Jai' Eagle

When you know it’s time to go, pick up your feet and move them.
— jonah; jai' eagle
I used to cry ‘til I fell asleep, dream dreams of things I would never be. It was too hard for me to believe . I just didn’t know better.
— know better; jai' eagle

Everyday, I wake with good intentions, but the day always lasts too long...”
— 'round midnight; jai' eagle