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…at home | An Acoustic Series 


YouTube Alert!!!

Jai’ has begun a new series in which he takes viewers into the comfort of his home while he performs some his favorite songs acoustically. Some popular, some unpopular. Some classics, some one hit wonders. Either way, you are granted a glimpse into his musical journal. Click the link below and check it out for yourself!


We are looking to take guns & roses + the jonah experience all around the world!

As we continue to pursue projects and assignments with everything that Guns + Roses comes along with, consider partnering with Jai' Eagle's vision for his artistry and story through a kind donation. Donations of any size and amount are welcomed and will straight toward funding the dream Jai' has to take his story all over the world. Join us in this mission to save souls in most unique of ways!

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guns + Roses



guns + roses

Guns + Roses is creatively written to summarize many specific events in Jai's life. The Guns + Roses Look Book has been carefully crafted to provide imagery to the lyrics of each story, and give even more intimate insight into the story behind the music.

Enjoy the preview below. The full G+R Look Book will be available both digitally and hard copy (Spring 2018).







"It's always 'round midnight..."

- Jai' Eagle








“It perseveres, through every mistake, through all of your troubles and fears...”

- Jai' Eagle









“No one has the power to hurt you like a friend..”

- Jai' Eagle

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"A love unconditional - no matter how far I run."

- Jai' Eagle










"Just didn't know better"

- Jai' Eagle










“The truth is I'm scared...”

- Jai' Eagle



'round midnight trailer

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